About Us

Two post-secondary university students and a BA graduate majoring in different fields and in the Forensic Science Certification Program talking to you about all things fun, interesting, and odd about the world of forensics!

Rebecca Ryan

I am a fourth year Bachelor of Science student at SMU, majoring in Honours Psychology, and studying in the Forensic Sciences Certificate program! My love of psychology began with my interest in Criminal minds, and as I started getting more into crime TV shows (looking at you Dexter), I realised forensic sciences was something I wanted to pursue. My parents always used to joke that I would make a great medical examiner because I loved helping people but didn't like talking to them, so that's the best of both worlds! SMU was an easy choice of school for me as it was in the same city I was already living in, and had Atlantic Canada's only forensic science program. I still have no idea what I want to do professionally as I am always learning about new interesting disciplines through my university experience!

Nicole Hopper

Hi everyone! I'm currently in my 4th year at SMU majoring in Psychology along with being in the Forensic Science Certification Program. I grew up just West of Toronto Canada and moved to Halifax to pursue my forensic science goals. Like Journey, I started watching the Fox TV series Bones and loved the role of the character Sweets, a criminal psychologist working alongside a FBI field agent and forensic anthropologist. From that show, my intro to Sociology, Anthropology, and Psychology course in high school, I knew forensics was a path I wanted to follow.... not fully knowing the plethora of disciplines that exist within forensics! Like Rebecca, I am unsure of exactly what path I want to continue down my postgraduate career, but hopefully I stay in the realm of Psychology. None of us are experts in this field, but we hope our current knowledge and research can help you guys listening learn more about Forensics!

Journey Giesbrecht

I'm a newly graduated Forensic Anthropology student at Saint Mary's University in Halifax. I grew up on a sheep farm in Central Alberta. My dad is a chiropractor which is where my first love of bones began, however, I did not want to touch people for a living so I crossed that off my list of career options. When I was a little bit older I read a Nancy Drew book where she was an archaeologist and thought that looked fun too. And then, in grade 9 I started watching the TV show Bones and absolutely fell in love with Dr. Temperance Brennan and Forensic Anthropology. Not long after that I found SMU in Halifax and decided that I am going to move to Halifax and become a Forensic Anthropologist. I graduated in May 2021 and I'm not sure what the future holds but I'm staying hopeful.

Just Some Forensics Girls, Doing Some Forensic Things

Us pretending to be Dexter. #bloodsplatteranalysis
Eating poutine after a forensic lecture at Smokey's! Not necessarily a forensic thing...but an AFTER forensic thing
Forensic exam study dates at Halifax's beautiful Garden Food Bar & Lounge!
Lots of festive backgrounds while recording our podcast during the holidays!!